Black Business Community Development Fund Ltd. Black Business Community Development Fund
Product Details
Product Name: Black Business Community Development Fund
Overview: Driven by that spirit, the Black Business Community Investment Fund Limited (The Fund) was born to provide capital to businesses possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, determined to grow and create jobs for Nova Scotians and able to demonstrate community and environmental responsibility. The Fund, having proudly and confidently invested over $1.5 million in local business, throughout its nine-year tenure, has consistently capitalized companies with high performance potential and long-term sustainability.
Issues Focused: Reduced Inequalities, Sustainable Cities and Communities
Asset Class: Private Debt
Geography: Nova Scotia
Impact Measurement
IRIS 4.0 Social Impact Objectives: Access to Financial Services, Community Development
IRIS 4.0 Environmental Impact Objectives:
IRIS 4.0 Targets: Adults (>18 years old)
Impact Evidence Type: Not Specified
Black Business Community Development Fund Ltd.

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Investment Details
Legal Structure: Limited Partnership
Product Stage: Not Specified
Part of Series: Series
Investment Availability: Closed
Minimum Investment: $500
Investor Eligibility: Accredited Investors, Retail Investors
Assets Under Management: AUM < $1 million
Average Management Fees %:
Average Performance Expectations: 4% ≤ Expectations ≤ 8%
Performance To Date: Below Expectations