CoPower CoPower Green Bonds
Product Details
Product Name: CoPower Green Bonds
Overview: "CoPower was founded with a single mission: to unlock capital for climate solutions by empowering individuals to participate in clean energy investing, for profit and planet. Our green bonds are backed by a portfolio of senior, secured loans to distributed clean energy and energy efficiency projects that generate steady revenues from the sale of clean power or by reducing energy consumption. Bondholders earn steady fixed returns, while generating measurable carbon reductions and building more clean energy infrastructure in North America.
Issues Focused: Affordable and Clean Energy, Climate Action
Asset Class: Private Debt
Geography: Canada, United States
Impact Measurement
IRIS 4.0 Social Impact Objectives:
IRIS 4.0 Environmental Impact Objectives: Energy and Fuel Efficiency, Sustainable Energy
IRIS 4.0 Targets:
Impact Evidence Type: Outcome Data: Can provide outcome data demonstrating positive change for target beneficiaries.

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Investment Details
Legal Structure: Unsecured Debt
Product Stage: Seed
Part of Series: Series
Investment Availability: Open
Minimum Investment: $5,000
Investor Eligibility: Institutional Investors, Foundations/Endowments, Accredited Investors, Retail Investors
Assets Under Management: $5M < AUM < $20M
Average Management Fees %:
Average Performance Expectations: 4% ≤ Expectations ≤ 8%
Performance To Date: At Expectations