CoPower CoPower Green Infrastructure Fund, L.P.
Product Details
Product Name: CoPower Green Infrastructure Fund, L.P.
Overview: CoPower is focused on solving this through a variety of channels including our third fund, the CoPower Green Infrastructure Fund, L.P. This is a project equity fund that will aggregate a portfolio of equity investments in renewable energy projects with the objective of achieving competitive risk-adjusted returns and impact. Funds raised under this Offering will be used to provide equity, quasi-equity or royalty-linked financing for the installation and/or construction, as well as the operation of clean energy, energy efficiency and other carbon reducing infrastructure projects in Canada.
Issues Focused: Affordable and Clean Energy, Climate Action
Asset Class: Private Equity (Early Stage)
Geography: Canada, United States
Impact Measurement
IRIS 4.0 Social Impact Objectives:
IRIS 4.0 Environmental Impact Objectives: Energy and Fuel Efficiency, Sustainable Energy
IRIS 4.0 Targets:
Impact Evidence Type: Impact Data: Can provide data that explicitly informs assessment of additionality and/or cost-effectiveness

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Investment Details
Legal Structure: Limited Partnership
Product Stage: Not Specified
Part of Series: First
Investment Availability: Open
Minimum Investment: $250,000
Investor Eligibility: Accredited Investors
Assets Under Management: $1M < AUM < $5M
Average Management Fees %: 1.0%
Average Performance Expectations: 8% ≤ Expectations ≤ 12%
Performance To Date: Not Specified