Creston & District Community Investment Co-op Creston & District Community Investment Co-op
Product Details
Product Name: Creston & District Community Investment Co-op
Overview: While the demand for investing locally is increasing, traditional investment options limit who and where we can invest in. The result is that most investment capital leaves Creston & District and is placed into far off stock markets and corporations. In 2013, tax filers in the Town of Creston alone contributed $4.4 Million into their RRSP’s, much of that money leaving Creston & District and even Canada. An unintended consequence is that our money is creating significant jobs and wealth elsewhere in the world, while leaving the places we live, work and play underfinanced. Imagine how we could support the Creston & District economy by re-directing just 5% of this capital back to our own communities. That would amount to $220,000 in local investments each year. We call this diversifying our portfolios locally! This will contribute to the retention and creation of meaningful employment opportunities.
Issues Focused: Sustainable Cities and Communities
Asset Class: Other Real Assets
Geography: British Columbia
Impact Measurement
IRIS 4.0 Social Impact Objectives: Access to Energy, Affordable Housing, Agricultural Productivity, Capacity Building, Community Development, Employment Generation, Food Security
IRIS 4.0 Environmental Impact Objectives: Sustainable Energy
IRIS 4.0 Targets:
Impact Evidence Type: Not Specified
Creston & District Community Investment Co-op

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Investment Details
Legal Structure: Coop
Product Stage: Not Specified
Part of Series: Not Specified
Investment Availability: Open
Minimum Investment: $1,500
Investor Eligibility: Foundations/Endowments, Accredited Investors, Retail Investors
Assets Under Management: AUM < $1 million
Average Management Fees %:
Average Performance Expectations: 0% ≤ Expectations ≤ 4%
Performance To Date: At Expectations