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Alberta Impact Fund

Looking exclusively for investments that create social & or environmental benefit while generating a return. We focus predominantly on the agriculture and manufacturing space and identify new innovations with IP into which we can invest.

Asset Class:
Private Equity - Early Stage
Product Open for Investment:
Assets under management ($CAD):
AUM < $1 million
Minimum initial investment ($CAD):
5000; $50,000 for institutional investors
Accredited investors
Community/region benefited:

Impact Evidence:
Outcome Data: Can provide outcome data demonstrating positive change for target beneficiaries
IRIS Social Impact Objective(s):
Access to clean water, Access to energy, Agricultural productivity, Capacity-building, Equality and empowerment, Food security, Income/productivity growth
IRIS Environmental Impact Objective(s):
Energy and fuel efficiency, Pollution prevention & waste management, Sustainable land use
IRIS Target Group(s):
Adults (>18 years), Women
Product Website:
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